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Maurizio Modica's “Le Tre Stelle” is a construction company and services identified in fields ranging from construction activities to advanced services such as: Building maintenance (partitioning and plasters, Flooring and coatings, dividers furniture, drywall and ceilings, Raised flooring, Resilient flooring and coatings, rubber and PVC, Coloring and painting). Plumbing (Health, Fire). Electrician; Air conditioning equipment and special; Turnkey services.

Thanks to the know-how input from the Owner and the DT, from the very first moves “Le Tre stelle.” Specialist took orders Le Tre Stelle has put in place a development policy which focuses on the quality of execution and processing of their products – services.

This has allowed a good statement with the work, allowing them to meet the needs of primary customers. 

Le Tre Stelle in perspective is organizing itself to become a supplier of leading companies at the national level, being able to develop their own procedures in place to contemplate the quality processes in line with suppliers and customers, in order to give a proper online service with the best forms of integration in the SUPPLIERS / CLIENTS for construction contracts of employment.

The company ” Le Tre Stelle .” Corporate policy through a very results-oriented, is participating in some projects of contract, beginning to award of contracts in a position to finance business development plans in line with expectations. The company also is investigating the opportunity to participate in consortia for the development of construction technology.
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